Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies – by Erin Odya & Maggie A. Norris

Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies


Some people think that knowing about what goes on inside the human body can sap life of its mystery―which is too bad for them. Anybody who’s ever taken a peak under the hood knows that the human body, and all its various structures and functions, is a realm of awe-inspiring complexity and countless wonders. The dizzying dance of molecule, cell, tissue, organ, muscle, sinew, and bone that we call life can be a thing of breathtaking beauty and humbling perfection.

Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies combines anatomical terminology and function so you’ll learn not only names and terms but also gain an understanding of how the human body works. Whether you’re a student, an aspiring medical, healthcare or fitness professional, or just someone who’s curious about the human body and how it works, this book offers you a fun, easy way to get a handle on the basics of anatomy and physiology.


Erin Odya

Erin Odya is the co-author of several educational books on anatomy and physiology, including “Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies,” “Anatomy and Physiology Workbook For Dummies,” and “Clinical Anatomy For Dummies.” These books are aimed at students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning about the human body.

Erin Odya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She has also worked as a chemistry and biology instructor at the college level.

Erin Odya’s expertise in anatomy and physiology, combined with her ability to make complex concepts accessible to readers, has made her a popular author in the field of science education. Her books have been widely used by students, educators, and healthcare professionals as valuable resources for learning and reference.

Maggie A. Norris

Maggie A. Norris is a science writer and editor with a background in biology and chemistry. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Georgia State University and her Master of Science degree in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry from Georgia State University. After completing her graduate studies, she worked in biomedical research for several years before transitioning to science writing and editing.

In addition to “Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies,” Maggie A. Norris has also authored or co-authored several other science books, including “Biology For Dummies” and “Microbiology For Dummies.” Her writing focuses on making complex scientific concepts accessible and understandable to a general audience.

Book Features

“Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” is a comprehensive educational book that aims to teach readers about the human body. Some of the book’s features include:

  1. Clear and concise explanations: The authors use simple language to explain complex concepts, making it easy for readers to understand the subject matter.
  2. Extensive coverage: The book covers a broad range of topics, including the structure and function of the body’s systems, the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system.
  3. Practical examples: The book includes practical examples and real-life scenarios to help readers understand how the body works in different situations.
  4. Visual aids: The book includes numerous illustrations and diagrams that help to explain concepts and make them easier to understand.
  5. Self-assessment tools: The book includes self-assessment tools such as quizzes and practice exams to help readers gauge their understanding of the subject matter.
  6. Cheat sheet: The book includes a tear-out cheat sheet that summarizes key concepts and provides a quick reference guide for readers.
  7. Online resources: Readers have access to online resources, including practice questions, quizzes, and videos, that complement the book’s content and provide additional learning opportunities.

Overall, “Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the human body, suitable for students, healthcare profe

Table of content

Here are the table of contents of Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies:

Part 1: Building Blocks of the Body

  • Chapter 1: Discovering the Science of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chapter 2: Understanding the Building Blocks of Matter
  • Chapter 3: Cell Structure and Function
  • Chapter 4: DNA and Protein Synthesis

Part 2: Navigating the Body

  • Chapter 5: Bones, Muscles, and Skin
  • Chapter 6: The Nervous System: Command Central
  • Chapter 7: The Sensory Systems
  • Chapter 8: The Endocrine System: The Body’s Other Command System

Part 3: Running the Body

  • Chapter 9: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems: Breathing Life into the Body
  • Chapter 10: The Digestive System: Fueling the Body
  • Chapter 11: The Urinary System: Getting Rid of Waste
  • Chapter 12: The Immune System: Defending the Body

Part 4: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 13: Ten Study Tips for Anatomy and Physiology Classes
  • Chapter 14: Ten Tips for Taking Anatomy and Physiology Tests
  • Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Succeed in Your Anatomy and Physiology Course

Appendix: Glossary Index

Product Detail

Here are the product details of Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies:

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ For Dummies; 3rd edition (March 20, 2017)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 384 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1119345235
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1119345237
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.65 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.2 x 0.9 x 9.1 inches

Why should you get

Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies

There are several reasons why you may want to consider buying Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies:

“Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Whether you are a student studying for an exam or just interested in learning more about the human body, this book is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide.

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying “Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies”:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: The book covers all the major topics in human anatomy and physiology, including the skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, and reproductive system.
  2. Easy-to-understand language: The book is written in a clear and simple language, with plenty of helpful illustrations and diagrams to explain complex concepts.
  3. Practice questions and explanations: The book includes practice questions and explanations to help you reinforce your understanding of the material.
  4. Online resources: The book comes with access to online resources, including cheat sheets, practice quizzes, and more.

Overall, “Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” is a great choice for anyone looking for an accessible and comprehensive introduction to human anatomy and physiology.

Where to get

Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies

You can get the Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies on the following websites:



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