Causes of Raised Cardiac Troponins Mnemonic – Rule of “C”


There are three types of troponins – C, T and I. Troponins C and I are the cardiac ones.  They are very sensitive indicators of cardiac damage, but they are not too specific, so this rule of Cs will help you to know the other six major causes of raised cardiac troponins.

Cardiac Troponins

Raised Cardiac Troponins Mnemonic

The Rule of “C”

Cardiac arrest myocardial infarction
Cardiac failure severe heart failure
Cocaine causes coronary artery spasm
Carditis myocarditis
Car Accident or some other trauma
Chest pulmonary emboli


Cardiac troponins are released from striated muscles cells within 12 hours of cardiac damage. They are present for several days after the event.

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