When do rashes appear in infectious diseases? (Mnemonic)


As a medical student, it sometimes becomes really hard to remember when rashes appear in diseases of infectious origin. Today, in this article, we are going to share with you a simple yet effective mnemonic to help you easily remember days of rashes and associated fevers.

What is a rash?

A rash is an area of the body with irritated or swollen skin. Many of the rashes are itchy, red, painful, and irritated. Some rashes can also cause blisters or patches of raw skin. Rashes are basically symptoms of many different medical problems. Other causes may also include irritating substances and allergies.

  • When do rashes appear in Rubella?
  • When do rashes appear in Scarlet fever?
  • When do rashes appear in Small Pox?
  • When do rashes appear in Measles?
  • When do rashes appear in Enteric Fever?

Rashes and Fever

The following anonymous chart is a guide to which day the rash typically appears on after the prodrome – e.g. the rubella rash develops on the first day of the onset of fever/illness, and the scarlet fever rash appears on the second day. Note there is no rash appearing at day 6.

Really Sick People Must Take No Exercise

Really Rubella Day 1
Sick Scarletina Day 3
People Small Pox Day 4
Must Measles Day 5
Take Typhoid fever Day 6
No None Day 7
Exercise Enteric fever Day 8


Happy learning! 🙂


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